Butcherbox Review


Today I’m excited to share some background and my thoughts on our longtime partner, ButcherBox! It’s a great concept for anyone looking for a high-quality source for meat products, and what’s even better is how it’s delivered (frozen) right to your door! Make sure you don’t miss the special deal we have for you to try it down below!

What is ButcherBox?

ButcherBox is an organic, grass-fed meat delivery service. They deliver high-quality, hormone- and antibiotic-free cuts direct to your door; including 100% grass-fed and grass-finished beef, free-range organic chicken, and heritage breed pork. They also have bacon, which is uncured, free of sugar and nitrates, non-GMO verified, hormone free, made from pasture-raised heritage breed pigs AND, for anyone who needs it, is Whole30 approved.

The deliveries are monthly, but you can skip as needed, or cancel anytime. There are five different boxes to choose from, so you can find the perfect combo of meats for you or your family. Hard to beat the convenience and the fact that it can be personalized!

Who should try ButcherBox?

  • Anyone wanting quality beef, chicken, and/or pork.
  • Those wanting to simplify their shopping.
  • Anyone who values the environment. Grass-fed and grass-finished beef is a humane way to raise animals and it’s also better for the planet!
  • Anyone who cares about price … ButcherBox works out to $6/meal.

Yes, prices are sometimes lower at Whole Foods or Costco, but not everyone has a store nearby, nor is it always both grass-fed and grass-finished (which is important). Plus there’s that time factor that all busy families are dealing with these days!

Special offer to try ButcherBox

So now after hearing about ButcherBox I know you’ll want to try it yourself, so we asked them to offer you a special deal today! Get 2 FREE 10 oz. Steaks AND a FREE pack of bacon with your first order, click here for details. Enjoy!



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